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Our organic pistachios: more than “just nuts”

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Pistachios are one of the oldest nuts in the world and part of the Anacardiaceae family. As you might know, pistachios originate from Asia and grow mainly in Iran and Iraq. Archaeological evidence suggests that the connection between pistachios and humans dates back to before 6000 BC. This fruit was also cultivated in Syria and arrived later in Rome and the West.

The pistachio is one of the few nuts which are full of nutrients. It is high in unsaturated fatty acids, fibre, copper, potassium, phosphorus and in vitamins B1 (thiamin) and B6. It also contains proteins, the vitamins E, K, B2 (riboflavin) and folate, and magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium.

Pistachios are usually not seasonal nuts and we offer them throughout the year in organic quality.

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