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The balance in the body

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How should we shape our diet in order to keep the temperament within our body in balance and to not get sick?

Every food, drink and drug has its own temperament. If one of us consumes too much hot food such as dates, it may cause mouth dryness, restlessness, sleep disorders, multiple pimples and other adverse reactions, especially hot flushes.
The opposite is also the case. Did you ever hear that you shouldn’t eat too much cucumber in order to avoid a cold or heartburn? Or did you know that two cold dishes such as fish and yogurt shouldn’t be consumed at the same time? This combination provokes nausea and stomach problems and in humans with cold temperament, these symptoms appear actually very quickly.

You may ask yourself how we can define our diet correctly. The answer is quite simple.
Humans who know their own temperament in healthy condition should basically eat food that is compatible with their temperament. This means concretely that they should choose aliments helping them to keep their body in balance. Try ideally to eat food that has the opposite temperament of your own. In case you consume food in larger quantities than usually that has the same or opposite temperament of your body’s temperament, you should compensate it with “corrections”. Food corrections are products that bring your body’s temperament with the food’s temperament into balance and avoid possible adverse effects. Olive oil, olives, saffron and dates may be used as possible corrections for various foodstuffs.

Correction Food
Olive oil Beans, apricots, salad, tomatoes, courgettes, mushrooms, artichokes
Olive Fish, cheese
Dates Fish, milk
Saffron Rice, chicken


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