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The date, a historical fruit

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The date is one of the most delicious and oldest fruits that may be consumed by humans and used for the preparation of several dishes.

Dates are since antiquity part of the human diet and are considered to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits. Archaeologists date the first orchards back to 5000 years ago due to the fact that their name has been found during historical excavations on 5000 years old clay tablets.

Dates have been for many thousand years a basic food in the Middle East, Iran and India. You might be intrigued by the fact that palms and their dates were already cultivated in Iran since antiquity and before the Achaemenids. The consumption of dates finally spread to South West Asia, North Africa and Spain and further to the West.

Dates are used to produce many foodstuffs, desserts, bakeries, beverages and much more. This sweet fruit with its elastic and candy-shaped texture gives your creations a unique taste and flavour. With dates you can prepare a smoothie for breakfast, various cakes or a simple dish.

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