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What you should know about caviar

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Caviar is roe from the sturgeon fish family. It’s considered a delicacy which is often consumed as a starter. Historically, most of the caviar varieties origin from the Caspian and Black Sea, but as a result of overfishing caviar is nowadays cultivated all over the world.
The most famous caviar is produced from Beluga and Osetra sturgeons. Beluga is one of the biggest, rarest and most expensive types of caviar.

How to serve caviar?

Caviar is best enjoyed on its own or with as little side dishes as possible. In the classic way, caviar tins are served in a bowl full of ice together with caviar spoons. It can be eaten directly with a spoon or together with crackers, small slices of toast or blini (small crêpes or pancakes). Silver or steel cutlery may give caviar a metallic taste and is therefore avoided.

What’s the taste of caviar?

The enjoyment of caviar is made up in equal parts of its flavour and texture. The small eggs burst in the mouth and release normally a salty taste, but how salty depends on the variety and added salt content. Some caviars smell fishier than others which can be ascribed to the production method and water used in the cultivation farm.
Beluga tastes buttery-creamy. Osetra tends to have a nutty, salty-fresh flavour. The appearance and taste of caviar may also vary slightly within a type from fish to fish and from tin to tin.

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