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The story of our Swisspica olives

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Our olive grower possesses the necessary know-how in agriculture thanks to his family. But his olive project seemed to be an impossible vision: a barren landscape should be the hosting location for the country’s most fertile olive orchard.

Is it possible to improve the quality and durability of olives? These and others were the questions that concerned our visionary olive grower. Ultimately, it involved the nutrition of his people. He went searching for satisfying answers and took on a journey of 11 years that led him to places with the best olives, such as Syria, Egypt, Spain and... to intellectual places: research. He also visited different regions in Iran and finally, he found what he was looking for: a desert, in the heart of Iran.

Today, the orchard features an innovative and unique cycle that provides the participating agriculture establishments an all-embracing self-sufficiency. Olive and pistachio groves, cattle ranches, 20 hectares of alfalfa, industrial olive processing facilities, harvest warehouse, livestock and all other units are structured in a way that they all function within a perfect, closed ecological cycle.
The olive saplings for the orchards are produced on-site; in order to feed the livestock, workers cut olive pomace and alfala; the cows on the farm provide milk, meat and the natural fertilizer for the olive orchards and the farm itself.
When you enter the farm, there are on both sides tall wind shields. They serve as air conditioner for the warehouse and olive processing facilities.

Well-known top chefs are impressed by our olives. Swisspica is convinced by them and stands entirely behind their special value and quality.

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