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Why are Swisspica olives the best?

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Our olive farm consists right now of 90 hectares olive groves with a medium production capacity of 10 tons per hectare. The reason for such a high yield lies in the installation of a new, patented canal fertilization system for a precise dispersion of fertilizer within the orchards. Furthermore, the consequent implementation of the ecological agriculture, including a closed ecological cycle, is another essential feature of this farm. The use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides is therefore strictly forbidden.

Unsere Farm verfolgt neben dem Starten und Leiten von mittel- bis langfristigen Forschungsprojekten das klare Ziel, die aufgebaute, enge Beziehung zu Forschung und wissenschaftlichen Instituten beizubehalten. Swisspica ist der Ansicht, dass “Forschung der Aufwand von heute und der Ertrag von morgen ist” und hat dieses Motto als Leitbild dieser Aktivitäten festgelegt.

In the following, some research activities are listed:

Introduction of the canal fertilization system (CFS) for the first time to the knowledge of the orchard establishment (holder of patent no. 31114)

Morphology and cytology studies of different olive cultivars for an accurate and thorough differentiation.

Determination of the best pollinator varieties among 6 domestic and exotic cultivars

Foundation of a comprehensive collection including 102 cultivars from around the world

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