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Delighting saffron aroma: Iranian premium quality

  • Pure red colour.
  • Most intense bitter flavour.
  • Shortest thread length.

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The world’s best saffron originates from the Iranian province South Khorasan. We provide you the original certified (ISO 3632-2, category I) and in different stigma lengths. IFS and HACCP certified farms.
Saffron contains important health-promoting properties: it calms irritated skin, supports the digestive system, helps aid weight loss and inhibits inflammations.

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Ingredients: Sargol Saffron

Laboratory analysis
Picrocrocin (bitterness) Minimum 88
Safranal (aroma strength) Minimum 38
Crocin (colouring strength) Minimum 234
Artificial colorants Absent



  1. Viviane (verified owner)

    Si vous aimez le safran, il vous faut cela-là!
    LE vrai goût du safran, qui enchante les plats et les papilles…..à consommer sans modération

    Merci de m’avoir permis de retrouver cette qualité

  2. Wolfgang (verified owner)

    Wunderbarer, geschmacklich, wie auch farblich, intensiver Safran. Man muss weit suchen, etwas Vergleichbares zu finden.

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